Today I ate out at Panda Express with my best friend Phillip. They had good food. Good shrimp. Good refills. (hint:Root beer, pepsi, and sprite is a good combo) Phillip is a nice guy. He’s there for you when you need him. He’s like the epitome for all guys! Except that his skin is a bit weird… And he’s got depression, insomnia, case of nosebleeds, fatigue, mood swings…. BUT REALLY HE’S GREAT! I love Phillip. What’s better is that he loves me too! But not in that gross relationship way. We’re just really good friends.

Gah Don’t you just wanna pet his hair?

That made me think. Gee, I have such a great friend. I think everyone should have a friend. Not like 1000 “friends” on facebook, but at least just ONE real friend who talks to you in person, who understands you, who makes you feel comfortable. That bond is more important than superficial things like popularity or money. I am reminded of a Japanese folk tale about a “red string”. It ties two people together so that no matter how tangled it get salong the way, they’re still bound to meet again. Granted it IS about couples… but same thing applies for friends!

BOTTOM LINE: Treasure your friends!!


Enter bluecereal!

I actually made a blog (albeit in a pretty cheap, quick, and easy way) but hey! I’m a struggling student! Welcome me! And so, my username is bluecereal. Why? I myself have no clue. Maybe it was the Lucky Charms this morning, maybe it was the sky~ Anyway, I made this blog to blab about my life (as if I had any), my dramas (oh expect lots on that), my anime (occasionally), and just everyday things about me that I had nowhere else to vent but here. I don’t expect people to actually READ things I post, but it’s just nice to FEEL like you have someone to talk to, ya know? Ok, I look forward to writing about my life, and I hope you (whoever you are) look forward to reading about me!