Nature and Fashion

Cue music!

So I realize that I made this blog because:
1. I have a camera that I can use to take pictures of my stylish self..
2. I am awesome.

And so it dawns on me that I have not one picture of me being stylish. So here it is! The first one!
Ah. Very nice outfit. Fitting for a lovely day volunteering for a book sale at the library and just perfect for sitting through two hours of reading the Great Gatsby. Also, very comfortable for falling asleep 45 pages through the book. I hope no one saw that O.O

And here are some more random pictures of nature.

Nice three-layer landscape Kaiser. Nice.

This was taken in broad daylight but I edited it to make it look like night because it’s better that way. How is it huh?? 😀

Well my day was kind of boring and uneventful. I hope everyone has a nice, eventful day full of wonderful memories.



Cue music!!

So the other day, I felt so very very LAZY; therefore, I decided to GET UP and DO SOMETHING productive. That’s why I started renovating my room. Well, my shelves at least.

Awesome bookshelves right? Look at those Harry Potter books slidin’ down the hill and the random ups and downs….~ yea I have no idea what I was thinking that night.

Noww. Some random mementos on my shelf I want to show off:

This was a special present Phillip gave to me for … some important day I can’t remember. But KATAMARI FORTISSIMO DAMACY!!

This game is my all-time fave. It’s a memory. It’s many memories. It’s my childhood. <333

My Bionicles!! My childhood!! Matoro was my fave ❤

This snow-couple was given to me by a very special person. They used to sing and dance about eating popcorn and fruit cakes for Christmas, but now they’re too old for that I guess.

Well that’s just some random stuff about me, I guess. And, remodeling? I guess I was also remodeling my heart, remembering the good times, and tucking away the memories that were once a reality. I think everyone does this once in a while. It’s a time to reminisce, a time to forget, a time to clean up your emotions to prepare for the future.