Yuki Kajiura. Awesomest songwriter I know.
Today my sister and I stayed at home and CLEANED for 3 hours. Man, our kitchen is in need of some major cleaning. After that, we decided to bake some cookies! Here are the results of our first attempt at baking sugar cookies. Hm. They were HARD yet soft but still edible! 😉

We used little cookie cutters (originally made for Japanese bento use) and cut them into green frogs and little bunnies and deformed penguins/ghosts.

Baking is fun, but messy, I’ll be cleaning now…

And if you’re wondering why I clean so much, lemme just ask you, “Do you ask the sun ‘Why do you shine?'” because cleaning is just part of me. Doesn’t everyone have a fetish of some sort?


Light Up My World

This is a pretty old song, but I randomly remembered hearing it from my oldest sister one day and so I was glad to find it on youtube! Before reading the lyrics, I always thought this song was so sad, but it’s just … warm and sweet, like a cup of hot chocolate on a Christmas day.

My middle sister bought me these cute mini lanterns from LA so I thought, hey, I can’t just let them sit in a corner and…sit! So I decided to put them up!

Ahh Chinese lanterns are so romantic~ I kinda wish I had more *wink wink*

Ahh~ This song still makes me a bit sad though. Christmas is a bit far away from now, but I used to love Christmas, like every other person in the universe… When I was in my younger teenage years, I had a friend. Every Christmas, we would go by each others houses and drop by a small present. It was like that for… well not a very long time. xD But, it was a good memory nonetheless. It made my world that much brighter.




Shopping, Eating, and Bonding!

Sooo today I went shopping with my sister…again. xD And we found some good stuff, at Ross. Good, cheap stuff. Like these pastel pink pants. I found out that I can fit a size 1! Painfully, that is. So I went with the size 5.

And then after that, we went to eat actual sushi at Cha Cha Sushi. I have to say, it’s better than I expected and a bit O-O than I expected.

You see that yellow squishy stuff in the top right? That’s uni (sea urchin). BUT HARVEST MOON TOLD ME THEY WERE SPIKY AND BLUE!

Apparently not. Well I liked the salmon and the yellowtail. Sushi was an interesting experience. You guys should try it when you have the money.

Well, I had a fun day with my sister. It feels good to see her after so long. Makes me remember that I’m not an only child 😉

Reliving Queen Inhyun’s Man

Working on homework at the library and listening to the best song in my world:

I just cannot get over how much I love this drama <333 The chemistry between the two leads was so sizzling! The directing was so wonderful! The plot was so unique! The ending was so satisfactory (to me anyways) I just love this drama. This song sums it all up in two short minutes. It’s short, sweet, romantic, and to me, it’s the best time-travelling drama of this year. AGGGH I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I hope Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo have a happy ending too.

Woah. Ok, I need to get my head straight. Well, I hope everyone’s enjoying their summer! Back to homework!

Saving the World One Monster at a Time

I know this is kinda belated, but today was the historical moment in my life when I beat FFX-2. YESSSSSSSSSS!!

Ok, I just have to say that the final boss was so much easier than the huge Tonberry I encountered in Via Infinito. And here I thought the final boss was the hardest…

Anyways… I took pictures. Lots of em:

I actually thought that this battle was easier than Sin’s and I’m thinking the background music MIGHT have affected my judgement.

But actually, I had to fight Jecht like 3 times!

The trio of Spira’s handsome leaders. You know, I always liked Baralai…He scares the heebyjeebys out of me when we fight, but he’s just too cool. =3

Look at that Tall, Tan, and Toned man. xDD

Well that’s all for the normal ending. Here’s the GOOD ending that I got because I’m so awesome! 😀 [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD]

Well I definitely had a great time playing this game. It was frustrating at times :/ And really easy at times 🙂 but the ending really gives me a lot of hope, for a lot of things. OMG I LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS!!


Good work, Good times, and Good luck!

Today was a calm, breezy, typical day.

YESSS I finally finished 50% of my summer English 3AP homework today! 2 for Linh: 0 for procrastination, well 1 for procrastination. I really need to start my driver’s ed…

On the other hand, today I showed my dad this little trinket I bought in San Francisco. You have to maneuver the little metal pieces somehow, without using force, to free the little silver thing from being stuck.

Nice father and daughter bonding time. We spent like 2 hours on this thing. 2 hours? We were all so absorbed in it that we didn’t even notice that burnt fishy smell from the kitchen! It took dad only one hour but he got it. Me? uhmm… let’s just get to the pictures.

He gave me some HINTS to solving it, but really I just did whatever and BAM!! I really did it!

And my…pathetic attempt to put the silver thing back… Well! I bought like three of these so they should keep me preoccupied for a while 😉

Anyways, it’s the middle of July. One more month and we’re all off to school again. Oh jolly! My friend’s taking a chem class in college so he is actually going to take a prep course on it before school starts. I never knew you had to! I hope this friend does well. If he does, I’ll feel better about myself xD

I hope everyone is proud of their good work, is having a good time with family, and I wish you good luck all in your endeavors!

Update on Life and Pretty Pictures

I feel so much more free without being on facebook 24/7. So much freedom~

In other words, here’s a song about space and love:

I’m not going to church today. *sadface* but I still wore my dress from Great Mall to show off to Tony and every other person out there! How is it?

Went to Walmart today with my little cousin and Tony. We printed out my awesome pictures and a night picture for a contest I’m doing for the library. Does it not look AWESOMELY POSTCARD-WORTHY?!

Let’s hope I win!!