Flowers For Your Life

So this title is a spin-off from a drama that I heard about by never watched but sounded like the right title to use for my post.

Anyways, yesterday was my friend’s birthday so to make up for not being able to let her have the best birthday ever, I’ll let her have the best Monday ever. My plan? This:

So I’m going to find out all her classes for the day and leave the vase on her desk for first period. Then a rose for every class afterwards. GREAT PLAN HUH?!? Let’s see if that actually works out as well as it seems. See, the thing with me is all talk, half-do. Oh, how will she know it’s me? Heck, who in the whole school is cool enough to make an origami rose like I can? Das right.

But, they look nice right? And I found out, it only takes 20 minutes to make one. HOW FAST! Compared to my other origami projects.

You see that blue one on the right? That’s another belated birthday present for a friend who got all cranky with me because he thought I forgot his birthday. Well maybe I would have said it if you didn’t look so cold. Anyhow, after a whole day of folding paper my hands always get really dried up and ugly, like so:

Eh Can’t see?
Oh well, it’s really dry. But that’s not the point, the point is, … what IS THE POINT? I didn’t have to do any of this stuff! Dangabit! Instead of posting at 5AM in the morning, I coulda been sleepin my night away like normal folk. But NO. I GOTTA BE THE GOOD FRIEND TIL THE END. Well, it’s not a bad thing. And hey, I’m not always in a giving mood so might as well be giving now.

Ahh birthdays, they only come once a year but they never seem to really end, ya know? What do you people do for your friends’ birthdays? Do you make something? Buy something? Party? Go out and eat? To be truthful, all I want for my birthday is a big long hug with three of the most precious friends I’ve made in my life.


Aaaaannd I’m back!

Wow It’s been a while. Hm. I guess it’s just me now huh? Well, if anyone’s still reading…

I love this song. It’s so emotional and powerful~

Well, yesterday was just one of those days… NO BUENO DAYS. One of those days where you get pissed off at everything and everyone because your haircut looks ugly and you don’t get to see the person you want to see and the only thing that helps you is cleaning because you just knocked over your trash can and dropped your box of beads everywhere and made a mess of your desk.

Anyways, I feel MUCH better today. School happened. It’s short. I see people, but the person that made me happiest today was one of my new friends. He randomly came up to me and said hi and we just talked. Although it’s such a minor event, I was happy that someone cared enough about me to talk to me and walk with me.

So I would like to thank that friend for making my day~ and let the world know that even a small gesture can make a big difference.

Ok, preachin over. Here’s my outfit for the day:

White pants with cream cardigan decorated with pink scarf. Man am I a delicious looking strawberry-shortcake-colored human or what? My theme this week is “A touch of color”. It’s pretty self-explanatory.


My latest obsession is a Korean drama called “Gaksital” or “Bridal Mask”. It’s about a figure who wears a traditional Korean bridal mask and goes around at night saving people and punishing evildoers of the 1930s when Korea was occupied by Japan. and by day… he’s a handsome police officer. ❤ Of course there’s WAYY more plot than just that. Gaksital is suspenseful, thrilling, and kinda scary at times but that’s what makes it AWESOME.

Here’s a song from the drama that I just found yesterday and I am in LOVVVE~ with it. Yea. This song basically sums up the whole drama.

The song starts at 0:21. No idea what the lyrics mean but it sounds just so plain EPIC. This is no light rom com folks. Tread cautiously.

Introduction to Architecture and Salaryman

Just finished watching a new korean movie that came out earlier this year. Architecture 101, or Introduction to Architecture is a melo about first love. Han Ga In plays Seo Yeon who asks Seung Min, an architect played by Uhm Tae Woong, to build her a house.

The two are actually first loves who met in their Introductory to Architecture class, hence the title of the name. The movie switches from present to past memories of the two.

I really don’t watch korean movies that much, but this one left a good impression on me. The bittersweet, melodramatic mood was very palpable. No kidding, I cried. I don’t even know when or why I did. I just did. It’s an interesting story and definitely worth watching.

On a completely random note, I rewatched some History of a Salaryman today and found this hilarious clip.