Once a word is spoken, it cannot be taken back. That girl has given and received her share of pain. One word is all it takes to ruin a friendship, an acquaintance. One word to make friends back into strangers again. The bonds between humans are so fragile, like a spider’s silk, one stroke of a hand and it slips away. That girl is afraid of losing friends. People come and go, but they are never forgotten. Even more so with the bitter endings. It is those scars that sting her the most, right in the heart, forever unhealed.

The one word that should be said, should have been said long ago, is like a bubble in her throat waiting to burst but once popped, will cause her to choke and convulse in tears and guilt. Once again, in front of that person, she remains mute, the words in her mouth escaping at the rapid speed of time.