Berryessa Branch Library

So I totally messed up my opposite-alphabetical order already so.. why not go to Berryessa right after Alum Rock? xD

Ahh a day without my bike. It wasn’t too bad. Although going back to the Alum Rock area gives me bad vibes… I shrug it off. Not like they can steal anything else…other than my laptop which I brought with me today to do INTENSEHOMEWORK.

In any case, I arrived at the library safely and was struck in awe at how beautiful it was (not like the others weren’t beautiful too but..)

The Berryessa Branch Library.
Berryessa Branch Library
If the Cambrian Branch was crazy with circles, Berryessa is obsessed with triangles. The end of some shelves are designed like a sleek shark fin and even the ceiling shouts TRIANGLES ARE SO COOL.
But I don’t mind. It is cool.

I really like the mood of this library. It’s very lively during the day and a lot of Asian people are here. Although you can see many Latino references in the paintings around the library.

Once again, the children’s area really is the awesomest place yet. (Seriously, why do the children get all the awesome architecture? We teens can appreciate beauty too) The theme: Moonlight Dreams.
Man I could just sleep there. But I didn’t sleep a wink here! Did my homework in the quiet study room like a good girl. 😀

Outside, there is a nice park with a beautiful man-made fountain/lake. It’d be a great place to bike around.. …

Only two more branches to hit up and I will have accomplished my quest. Looking back, there is no other way I would have wanted to spend my summer. I’ve seen so much of my city and there’s still so much more to see.

Some people believe in God, others in Fate, I believe in Cause & Effect.

Upon arriving home, I receive the best news ever. Thanks to the great advice from Nido, I made up with my friend Phillip again as you guys know from Pearl Branch. So that was the cause. The effect was that, when I lost my bike, he messaged me offering his extra bike, giving me a list of reasons why I need it.

It’s like we’re out of Mirkwood already and rolling down the Forest River in barrels of rum. His bike is a bit high but it’s better than walking there. Could not have asked for a better way to ride down the finish line.

Thank you to everyone for your concerns. My sister keeps telling me to bike with a friend so I’m not lonely, but I’ve always known. I’m never alone.

The next trip is to Almaden Branch Library! (Yes I’m messing up the order again) Trololo!!


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