Almaden Branch Library

Oh my god I love this place. Wait. Hold up, let’s rewind.

The Almaden Branch is on the edge of Almaden County Park, like where all the green tree-ey mountains are in the south. So, naturally, their library loves trees.
Besides the awesome tree design, this place is HUUUGEE! It’s more than just a library. It’s a community center complete with a cafe, a game room with pool tables, a park to it’s left, and just a lot of cool stuff.
It’s a very quiet and nice library. Reminds me of Vineland. The people that is, and the kids.

Because I could not find a nice place to set my laptop on, I sat in the kids’ table and all day long, parents and their kids would plop themselves across from me and read.
This is just a random thing I’ve noticed since I explored Educational Park, but every library since then has owned at least one copy of this decades old Dragonlance series. I never got the chance to read it (just look at the size of em) but it always intruiged me because of the blurb in the back of the book.

The plot really reminded me of some other story about dragons in Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore.

Do you ever get that feeling? That nostalgic feeling that wells up in you when you notice similarities between things?
Thomas C. Foster, author of “How to Read Literature Like a Professor” said that there is only ONE STORY. That is, all stories derive from each other. They borrow this, twist that, so that each book is like a leaf sprouting from different branches that all stem from one tree trunk.

I suppose almost everything can be explained in this way. Ancestors, science, cause and effect. It’s pretty cool.

With that being said, I’ve just two branches left. Bascom library it is!


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