One fine day

One fine day in our future, when time comes,
As I sit in this chair, where will you be?
I confess I fear my heart to grow numb.
How once we were we, how we could be me.
Hello, goodbye. With a handshake and smile.
Thus how you greeted me on our first day.
I only wished to stay but for a while.
If time here is up, what fee should I pay?
Can I, my dearest, may I, my love, just..
By your side, like a butterfly, reside?
Small and unintruding, making no fuss

I will protect you just like a warm glove
And shower all your years and days with love 12.11.2015

Leaf-like flowers
Flower-like time

Funny how even as the memories fade with time, the feelings felt in those moments remain long after I have forgotten words and fragmented images. Feelings I once felt for one moment, one person. How we, now me, are living, I confess I expected as much from mine own self. Not only numb, but as I have come to see, this butterfly has flown far from where it started. While nothing is susceptible to change, I still hope for a lasting love. Just as oxalis weeds bloom never-ending, so I hope my love re-roots after every rainfall. So I hope it grows. Reaches all across the world. In a place with the right soil and temperament and pollinators so I hope it grows.






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