Pink Power

People nowadays tell me that I wear a lot of pink. It’s not cuz I LOVE pink, but I do like it, I just think it’s a nice feminine color that fits me well. Especially those pink pastel pants ❤ LOVE. Thanks for buying em for me big sis! and thanks for buying me that pink pastel shirt other big sis! Yea, half my clothes aren’t even bought by me xD But I make do with what I have.

I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this way. When I wear nice clothes, I feel empowered, I feel stronger and more confident about myself. So I guess clothes make the woman? And when I see a fancily dressed boy, I am attracted to him because he looks NICE! So a lesson for all you men out there, it wouldn’t hurt to dress up once a while.

General Fashion Tips for Girls:

1. Find a color that really makes you stand out. For me, it’s light pink and white.

2. Wear clothes that match your personality. Me and T-shirts, for example, don’t mix. Don’t do it. O_O

3. Dresses and skirts! It’s nice to show off your girly side once in a while and you might as well do it now before the weather gets any colder.

4. Accessorize! Rings, necklaces, bows in your hair, whatever goes.

General Fashion Tips for Guys:

1. Most guys look nice in blue, black, or white. You probably do too.

2. T-shirts are fine but they look better if you’re buff. ;D

3. If you’re skinny, half-sleeve shirts are in style now. Grab a shirt, a sweater, dress shirt, denim, all sorts. They make you look formal yet casual… xD In any case, they look nice on everyone, except me, I just can’t figure out how to work it yet.

4. Accessorize! I personally, have a fetish for guys with beanies ❤ and nice watches. But, don’t gimme none of that ear piercing and tattooing, my heart can’t take it.



These past few days have been rather eerie. It was pretty cool on Sunday, drop dead HOT on Tuesday, and rainin thunderstorms on Wednesday. But no crazy weather stops Linh from being stylish!

Wore this skirt and cardigan combo on the ONE DAY God wants a thunderstorm.

Trying to be patriotic


So OG’s Fashion club added me to their Facebook page when I didn’t even sign up. Ok ya’ll, I know I’m pretty fashionable and you would love my advice for everything but… my style is uniqueish and I like to keep it thataway. But don’t take me seriously, it was probably just a mistake. 😦

But talking about my fashion, it isn’t that great. People at OG are pretty stylish. There’s the girls who work the cardigans, the leather jackets, the lolita, oh esp. the guys with the nice brown/gray/black jeans (looking at you Navjot/Sovenne 😉 People are stylish in their own way. I love that.