My latest obsession is a Korean drama called “Gaksital” or “Bridal Mask”. It’s about a figure who wears a traditional Korean bridal mask and goes around at night saving people and punishing evildoers of the 1930s when Korea was occupied by Japan. and by day… he’s a handsome police officer. ❤ Of course there’s WAYY more plot than just that. Gaksital is suspenseful, thrilling, and kinda scary at times but that’s what makes it AWESOME.

Here’s a song from the drama that I just found yesterday and I am in LOVVVE~ with it. Yea. This song basically sums up the whole drama.

The song starts at 0:21. No idea what the lyrics mean but it sounds just so plain EPIC. This is no light rom com folks. Tread cautiously.


Introduction to Architecture and Salaryman

Just finished watching a new korean movie that came out earlier this year. Architecture 101, or Introduction to Architecture is a melo about first love. Han Ga In plays Seo Yeon who asks Seung Min, an architect played by Uhm Tae Woong, to build her a house.

The two are actually first loves who met in their Introductory to Architecture class, hence the title of the name. The movie switches from present to past memories of the two.

I really don’t watch korean movies that much, but this one left a good impression on me. The bittersweet, melodramatic mood was very palpable. No kidding, I cried. I don’t even know when or why I did. I just did. It’s an interesting story and definitely worth watching.

On a completely random note, I rewatched some History of a Salaryman today and found this hilarious clip.

Reliving Queen Inhyun’s Man

Working on homework at the library and listening to the best song in my world:

I just cannot get over how much I love this drama <333 The chemistry between the two leads was so sizzling! The directing was so wonderful! The plot was so unique! The ending was so satisfactory (to me anyways) I just love this drama. This song sums it all up in two short minutes. It’s short, sweet, romantic, and to me, it’s the best time-travelling drama of this year. AGGGH I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I hope Yoo In Na and Ji Hyun Woo have a happy ending too.

Woah. Ok, I need to get my head straight. Well, I hope everyone’s enjoying their summer! Back to homework!

Queen Inhyun’s Man

I’ve recently started to fall in love with this drama. Ok. Let’s face it, I didn’t really like the first episode, but after you break that barrier, you realize that THIS DRAMA IS FREAKIN AWESOME. Let’s make a list of its awesomeness:

Plot: check!

Kim Bung-do (Ji Hyun-woo) is a scholar in 17th century Joseon. When he is gifted a mysterious talisman, it transports him to present-day Korea where he meets Choi Hee-jin (Yoo In na) and thus begins the love that transcends time, space, and logical reasoning. It may sound like every other time-travelling drama out there, say, Rooftop Prince, but it’s so much more than that. What I love about the plot is that it’s fast-paced, charming, and logical. Ok, random talisman is a bit eh… but, I love how Bung-do can use it to go back and forth between times like he’s taking the subway!!

Characters: check!

Kim Bung do – Man if he’s not the cheekiest player alive (or dead if you think about it…). He’s quick to adapt to modern times and his “calm and collected” personality might just make all of us swoon. Wait, no, leave that to the charming smile he makes when he’s speechless. 😉

Choi Hee Jin – She’s the adorable, happy-go-lucky heroine in this drama. But it’s not like you can HATE her for it. What I love about her is how she makes everything seem so real. She’s not just an actress playing an actress, she IS that actress. She is that Queen Inhyun.

Han Dong Min – He’s Hee Jin’s ex and also her co-actor for her new drama. He’s like the annoying little puppy you want to get rid of, but he’s too cute to let go. Well, sometimes. The other times, he’s just a pathetic, boastful, arrogant little jerk.

Cinematography: check!!

I just love how everything is filmed in this drama. It’s…different. When historical dramas usually prefer a static stance, Queen Inhyun likes to play with its camera angles so as to create a lively feel to even the most boring scenes (but believe me, there aren’t many). I also love how the tone switches from gloomy in the Joseon era to bright and cheery in present-day Korea. Even down to how they use slow-mo, I love this cameraman

Music: check!

Ok, what this drama has going for it is a good soundtrack. There’s this one gayageum instrumental that just blows my mind. I love how they know exactly when to play it so it doesn’t sound out of place and all. Then there’s that one song where they kiss.. WAIT. I can’t be giving spoilers!! By the way, these two main leads are really good at kissing.

Really, I could spend the whole day talking about this drama (well… I did spend the whole day figuring out how to POST this) but people don’t believe until they see.