Saving the World One Monster at a Time

I know this is kinda belated, but today was the historical moment in my life when I beat FFX-2. YESSSSSSSSSS!!

Ok, I just have to say that the final boss was so much easier than the huge Tonberry I encountered in Via Infinito. And here I thought the final boss was the hardest…

Anyways… I took pictures. Lots of em:

I actually thought that this battle was easier than Sin’s and I’m thinking the background music MIGHT have affected my judgement.

But actually, I had to fight Jecht like 3 times!

The trio of Spira’s handsome leaders. You know, I always liked Baralai…He scares the heebyjeebys out of me when we fight, but he’s just too cool. =3

Look at that Tall, Tan, and Toned man. xDD

Well that’s all for the normal ending. Here’s the GOOD ending that I got because I’m so awesome! 😀 [WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD]

Well I definitely had a great time playing this game. It was frustrating at times :/ And really easy at times 🙂 but the ending really gives me a lot of hope, for a lot of things. OMG I LOVE HAPPY ENDINGS!!



Pooh and Friends

Today I went to the library to discuss The Great Gatsby with my friends so I went for a casual/business type look. How does it look?

After the book discussion, I went to a friend’s house where we then commenced to get past my difficult boss in Kingdom Hearts and within 10 minutes, my whole year of being stuck in Cave of Wonders was dissolved in wonderful sparks of genie fire and bird feathers!

But here’s an interesting thought: In Hundred Acre Wood, there’s a mini-game where you have to help Winnie the Pooh steal honey from bees. If this isn’t animal burglary at its finest, then what is?

Top it all off, Sora’s an accomplice in this theft?! How DARE you swat down those bees like that!?

Uhh.. Can someone scream animal abuse here?

Good job, Square Enix. Good job.