One fine day

One fine day in our future, when time comes,
As I sit in this chair, where will you be?
I confess I fear my heart to grow numb.
How once we were we, how we could be me.
Hello, goodbye. With a handshake and smile.
Thus how you greeted me on our first day.
I only wished to stay but for a while.
If time here is up, what fee should I pay?
Can I, my dearest, may I, my love, just..
By your side, like a butterfly, reside?
Small and unintruding, making no fuss

I will protect you just like a warm glove
And shower all your years and days with love 12.11.2015

Leaf-like flowers
Flower-like time

Funny how even as the memories fade with time, the feelings felt in those moments remain long after I have forgotten words and fragmented images. Feelings I once felt for one moment, one person. How we, now me, are living, I confess I expected as much from mine own self. Not only numb, but as I have come to see, this butterfly has flown far from where it started. While nothing is susceptible to change, I still hope for a lasting love. Just as oxalis weeds bloom never-ending, so I hope my love re-roots after every rainfall. So I hope it grows. Reaches all across the world. In a place with the right soil and temperament and pollinators so I hope it grows.






Nature and Fashion

Cue music!

So I realize that I made this blog because:
1. I have a camera that I can use to take pictures of my stylish self..
2. I am awesome.

And so it dawns on me that I have not one picture of me being stylish. So here it is! The first one!
Ah. Very nice outfit. Fitting for a lovely day volunteering for a book sale at the library and just perfect for sitting through two hours of reading the Great Gatsby. Also, very comfortable for falling asleep 45 pages through the book. I hope no one saw that O.O

And here are some more random pictures of nature.

Nice three-layer landscape Kaiser. Nice.

This was taken in broad daylight but I edited it to make it look like night because it’s better that way. How is it huh?? 😀

Well my day was kind of boring and uneventful. I hope everyone has a nice, eventful day full of wonderful memories.


It’s summer! I went volunteering today and here are some pictures that may or may not be related!!

The peaceful scenery of the lake. The reflection of the sun on the surface of the clear mirror.

Rock climbing. Volunteering. Good weather. Good days.

My attempt at a night shot. These flowers are doing their best to bloom in the dark light.

Mushroom lights.

Today, I feel at peace in my heart and in my mind and in my body. My friend is smiling. I’m being productive. I’m exercising. No low blood pressure is going to get me down!! This song is how I feel today and how I feel when I see you. When I look at you, I’m at peace. I smile. Calm days. Calm thoughts.


You can tell from the title, but today, it rained. I was so thrilled that immediately after I showered, I grabbed my new camera (courtesy of Thoa) and took some pictures of nature!
So here they are!

Rain. To some, it’s an annoying thing that ruins their plans and makes them gloomy. To others, it’s a break from watering their plants. And still to others, it’s an excuse to just stay at home and do nothing. To me, rain is a memory.

When I was still in my fourth year of elementary school, whenever it rained during lunch, all the students would flee to their classrooms and play there until the bell rang. Whenever it rained, I had a new friend to play with during lunch. While others talked and played connect four or ran around chasing each other, my friend and I would sit down, face to face, and play a nice game of chess. Every rainy day was like that. Until my friend moved.
After that, it’s been a bit lonely on rainy days, but I would remember my friend and smile at the memories we had together.

What is rain to you? Is it a memory? An excuse? A pest? Or is it just rain?

The Calm

So, on the topic of traveling, this happened a WAYYY while back but I still want to talk about it because I felt I just had to. Anyway, it was a typical short Monday. School. Home. And with nothing to do for the next 4 hours besides homework, I decided to take an adventure! So I grabbed my bike and followed the wind! So here are some pictures I took with my decent phone ^ – ^

It was still February then so the flowers were still in bloom. How pretty and what a pity we can’t see this sight every day~ But that just makes it more precious!!

Vast grassland~ For some reason, I really like going here. I feel, peaceful when I am here. It makes you want to stop and just… not think. As humans, we’re always thinking. Always doing something, always busy. But when you take some time to just stop for a moment and realize all these wonderful things around you, that’s life right there.
Look at the sky! See the clouds. the trees. the birds. the sun. And just take in everything. Don’t think. Feel!
Ok, these cherry/plum/whatever they are blossoms are just gorgeous. And when the flowers fall off, it’s like snow~ and you feel like you’re in an anime/drama/movie because it’s so beautiful~

So guys, wherever you are, whenever you are, whatever you are, just remember to take some time out of your day to just stop and look at the sky, because that little break from your busy lives is just so important.

BOTTOM LINE: Just “stop and stare for a while”