Berryessa Branch Library

So I totally messed up my opposite-alphabetical order already so.. why not go to Berryessa right after Alum Rock? xD

Ahh a day without my bike. It wasn’t too bad. Although going back to the Alum Rock area gives me bad vibes… I shrug it off. Not like they can steal anything else…other than my laptop which I brought with me today to do INTENSEHOMEWORK.

In any case, I arrived at the library safely and was struck in awe at how beautiful it was (not like the others weren’t beautiful too but..)

The Berryessa Branch Library.
Berryessa Branch Library
If the Cambrian Branch was crazy with circles, Berryessa is obsessed with triangles. The end of some shelves are designed like a sleek shark fin and even the ceiling shouts TRIANGLES ARE SO COOL.
But I don’t mind. It is cool.

I really like the mood of this library. It’s very lively during the day and a lot of Asian people are here. Although you can see many Latino references in the paintings around the library.

Once again, the children’s area really is the awesomest place yet. (Seriously, why do the children get all the awesome architecture? We teens can appreciate beauty too) The theme: Moonlight Dreams.
Man I could just sleep there. But I didn’t sleep a wink here! Did my homework in the quiet study room like a good girl. 😀

Outside, there is a nice park with a beautiful man-made fountain/lake. It’d be a great place to bike around.. …

Only two more branches to hit up and I will have accomplished my quest. Looking back, there is no other way I would have wanted to spend my summer. I’ve seen so much of my city and there’s still so much more to see.

Some people believe in God, others in Fate, I believe in Cause & Effect.

Upon arriving home, I receive the best news ever. Thanks to the great advice from Nido, I made up with my friend Phillip again as you guys know from Pearl Branch. So that was the cause. The effect was that, when I lost my bike, he messaged me offering his extra bike, giving me a list of reasons why I need it.

It’s like we’re out of Mirkwood already and rolling down the Forest River in barrels of rum. His bike is a bit high but it’s better than walking there. Could not have asked for a better way to ride down the finish line.

Thank you to everyone for your concerns. My sister keeps telling me to bike with a friend so I’m not lonely, but I’ve always known. I’m never alone.

The next trip is to Almaden Branch Library! (Yes I’m messing up the order again) Trololo!!


Edenvale Branch Library

Maybe it’s because I go here so often or because I was too preoccupied with the friend who went with me that Wednesday, or maybe both that I didn’t take any pictures of our trip to the Edenvale Branch.

Recounting my long bike ride to her house, I admit that I am a girl. However, when I am with this friend of mine, I always feel like a knight who has to protect my precious princess from every harm.
So, yea I kinda like her cuz she makes me feel “manly.”

But that’s not all. Sarah is daring, outgoing, and chic. She’s got the hots for vampires and love novels. She’s probably everything opposite of me but I love her even more for that.

ANYWAYS. I digress.

The Edenvale Branch Library. It feels like home to me. I’ve walked through every aisle and browsed every shelf (yes, even the languages and biographies) and spent many of my days here just browsing, doing homework, having meetings, dating, you name it!

This stop was a date with my longtime friend, Sarah. You know that friend you haven’t met for a long time but when you see each other, it’s like they never left?

Yea, that’s not Sarah. xD

Time passed so long between us but it’s great to get together and find each other again.

Speaking about finding each other, we watched “17 Again” that day. Sometimes it takes a guy going through puberty twice to find out what he wants to do with his life.

And other times, it takes a girl travelling to all 23 libraries in San Jose to decide what to do with her summer.

And her next stop is the Cambrian Branch Library on Monday afternoon!

Pearl Avenue Branch Library

Getting here was no biggie. I took my sweet time and left the house at precisely 2: 35PM. Maybe I should have just biked all the way there from home. Pearl was not even a mile from the lightrail station.

Last month, my friend Jayle told me that if I count a hundred airplanes, I can make a wish. Today, I was on 95 airplanes.

95 airplanes in the sky. Coming home.

The Pearl Branch is pretty small compared to the others. Bookshelves are everywhere and tables are tucked between aisles and alongside the warm-toned walls.
I love how all the libraries have this nature, plants, flowers, animals thing going on. And then they all have some form of weird art.
Pearl has an upside-down pyramid and I’m not sure all those scrawlings actually mean anything.

Everywhere I walked, the library was packed. I finally decided to set up camp on a small corner of the teensroom.
I was briskly typing up my wonderful report of Joyce Ellington when suddenly my laptop goes BLACK. All efforts to restore it were futile so I brought back up:

The Handmaid’s Tale.

I was just finishing the part where the Commander sticks it in when my eyes linger to a pair of tan legs walking in front of me, then to my right.

I look at his profile from behind. Sturdy legs strengthened from biking. Strong arms trained through extensive hours of gaming. He wears an old hat. Black, scrungy (yes it’s not a word) hair. I’d know that shadow from a mile off but I continue my reading. It’s too good to be true.

Until it becomes true.

Today, he walks toward me. It’s like a dream when I look up to see him.

If you were here long enough, you’d know that I had lost a friend a while back. But as we’re talking, it seems like the fight never transpired. As if it was just a minor rift in our space and time.

And then he’s gone.

I can’t let this great opportunity escape. I pack my bags frantically and race around the library trying to find him. He’s not here. No. Not there. When I run outside to the street, I don’t see him. Just as I walk to the library to search again, he walks out. I take my chance, “Are you hungry? I’m hungry. Let’s go eat.”

— The first picture I took on my camera was my octopus, Phillip. The second picture on my camera is my best friend, Phillip. We’re eating at Panda Express. Then. And now. 96 airplanes in the sky. —
I walk him home. To tell you the truth, I stalked his house yesterday after my lonerphase at Joyce. I stopped across the street looking into the window where I knew he’d be.

97 airplanes in the sky.

Who knew the next day I’d actually see him in person? And talk to him? And laugh and smile? We arrive at his house 3 hours after our encounter at the library. “Do you remember our old handshake?” He asks. And just like that, a simple gesture worth so much more. An unspoken pact of friendship.

98 airplanes in the sky.

But this isn’t the end. I still haven’t apologized yet. Next time I see him, I’ll make amends.

99 airplanes in the sky.

The last time I counted airplanes, nothing happened. But maybe this time, Jayle was right. As I turn to my block, the last plane flies home.
My first miracle has come true. I wonder what else lies ahead in my travels…

Speaking of which! I’m off to the Hillview Branch on early Friday morning! And it looks like this time I won’t be able to get off with anything LESS than 5 miles of biking… T_T

Shopping and Regrets

Today mother and I went shopping together at Great Mall! We woke up late and took the lightrail all the way to Milpitas. Along the way, we met two openly gay guys holding hands and having a jolly time. When I looked at them, I felt happy for them. Happy that they can be together and not have people judge them. But…mother didn’t share my same point of view. I guess it’s just against the norm for the older generation still. But our world is slowly becoming more accepting of gays and I think it’s a good start.

Anyway, back to shopping! We both tried out this very normal shirt and mother said it looks better if you have breasts. WELL SORRY FOR BEING UNDERDEVELOPED!! XD

And there was this other really cute dress but I won’t show you guys til after I show it off at church *wink wink**

Here are some bad quality pictures from my phone of some other stuff I tried today:

Schoolgirl look!

Afterschoolgirl look!

So today, I was supposed to go home at 3 and start filming for my friend Brian’s short video but i was delayed and so he just left. I felt so bad because, heck I’m his main actress! But I wasn’t really that sad about it. I couldn’t do anything about it.

and after arriving at the park late, everyone was there, and we hung out for a while and then I ask myself: why did I come even though I didn’t have to? I don’t (no offense) even care for most of the people here.

and after coming home, I was so bothered because my friends were so oddly depressedish today and I felt so helpless in my attempts to cheer them up. Whenever I talk to a friend who is sad, after talking to them and learning about their experience, I am also sad. It’s a good thing my eyes were itchy because those tears were from the eyedrops I swear!

That aside…what I really regret is the things I couldn’t do. Because I did not have the courage to speak up. Because I did not have to courage to walk forward, to look up. I really want to change that part of me. I want to be more…impulsive. I want to do the things I want to do, not just think about what I want to do.

Ok that was confusing. Yea don’t mind what I say, just look at the pretty clothes. xD


Today my friends and I planned to go explore downtown SJ and Japantown.Our day started bright and early at 11 o’ clock at the lightrail station. Happy and energetic, we smiled for the camera.

I’ve been using the lightrail a lot lately, but only now do I realize how convenient and omgawesome it is. ❤ So our first stop: Japantown!! To go eat lunch at Kumako Ramen. There, we were greeted with many friendly staff and Japanese food. Three of us ordered the miso ramen while Brian took on the spicy ramen! When we got our food…

DELISH!! I’d have to say, the ramen was a bit oily and normal… but maybe that’s how fresh ramen is… But the pork was REVOLUTIONARY!! It took Phillip 10, Sarah 20 and me 30 minutes, but we slurped every last bit of ramen and soup until there was no more… but scallions left. ;D

ah We ate well. Doesn’t matter that you feel the sodium traveling down your throat, doesn’t matter that you feel bloated after eating. THAT RAMEN WAS THE SHIZZ. After eating we walked around and then we went down to the Convention Center where we went to eat at a nearby Yogurtland! OMG MORE EATING. Brian, our man, paid the bill.

I’d recommend the Vanilla+Chocolate and the Taro and the CHEESECAKE BITES! Good food = good day. Well after eating, we explored SJSU and went into the King Library for some book-checking out. These crazy chicks, they took the stairs up 7 floors!

After our wonderful excursion to the library, we just went home. But notice the change in MOOD? EH? It was a tiring yet happy day.

All in all, today was a good day. I think it’s important to go out and explore with friends. Create wonderful memories. Forget sad thoughts. Being with these people, I can forget my worries for college. I can forget the bad things. I can look forward to only good things. So I’m glad today worked out well.

Everyone, don’t forget your friends!! oh and what’s PBLS? Why it’s none other than PhillipBrianLinhSarah! 😀